The 1xBet bookmaker is probably one of the most recognizable and reputable online betting offices.

And she is known in many respects thanks to her sponsorship, for more than 10 years she contributed to the development of many football national team (of which, for example, Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus and Milan. If you get tired of sports betting, you can entertain yourself by playing online poker, casinos, casual games and virtual sports. Also do not forget about Jackpots at 1xBet bonus Friday casinos.

Today we will discuss the bonus rollover offer from the 1xBet Ghana bookmaker. BC regularly holds an action called “lucky Friday 1xBet happy Friday bonus.” What is it? When is it held? How to take part in it? More details in the article.

1xBet happy Friday bonus rules

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1xBet happy Friday bonus rules

First of all you need to register during the day of the day on which the promotion and void from hours to receive hours to receive 1xBet 00: 00-23: 59 falls. The lucky Friday 1xBet offer promotion is an opportunity to receive 1xBet bonus from bookmaker. The bonus is 100% from the deposit, but not more than 110 $. Minimum deposit to receive is = 1 $.

The bonus will be automatically credited to your account if you have filled all the personal information in your personal account. Be careful, in the personal account there should put acheck in the field “to participate in bonus programm and promotions”.

This amount can and should be used for games. You are not risking anything. Unless with your deposit any amount, which you still need to make in order to receive this same select bonus Before using the bonus is deemed of 110 $, you should familiarize with the rules in advance.

It is required to register and enter your data to the maximum. There are 4 registration options to choose from: by email, via social networks, by phone and in 1 click. Choose the most convenient for you.

  1. The next step is authorization on the site.
  2. Do not forget to tick the profile – consent to participate in such promotions.
  3. Make a deposit of at least 1 $.

The bonus amount equal to the deposit will be transferred immediately after the balance is updated. However, it cannot be more than 144 $ – keep this in mind lucky Friday 1xBet.

Registration 1xBet happy Friday bonus – authorization – a check mark next to “Take part in bonus is automatically promotions” – deposit replenishment (account on Friday) – receiving a deposit the bonus amount.

1xBet Ghana bookmaker

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How to use the lucky Friday 1xBet?

First of all you must be registered Take the registration process seriously, because it only takes a few minutes, and errors can interfere with the successful withdrawal of funds (for example, with a possible verification). Players from all countries except are allowed to register and play in the BC. After going to the site, click on the “Register” button and fill out the form in 2 simple steps.

Do not forget to select the account currency you need. The bonuses or winnings must be won back. The only thing that can be done is to abandon it without playing. The main condition is to use it on registration 1xBet lucky Friday. On other days this amount the bonus does not apply. Therefore, do not delay the time until the evening, but decide earlier. The second important rule – the results of events, respectively, and bets made, should also be announced on Friday. Otherwise, it will be canceled.

Other conditions the offer of the action will be discussed below. So – “Happy Friday 1xBet.”

  1. Type of account details – bonus.
  2. Type of bet – express, so that during the day the bet was calculated, and the result of the match became known.
  3. Games – any that takes place on Friday and end before the end of the day.
  4. Each express should include from 3 games from different lines: football, hockey, curling, basketball, etc.
  5. The coefficient of each coupon event is at least 1.4.

The total bet amount of all coupons is at least three times the size of the bonus. If the bonus is 144 $, then the amount of bets is at least 330 $. The next coupon can be announced only after the results of the previous one are announced. Therefore, we recommend making live bets.

Upon winning, the amount from the bonus account balance is transferred to the main account, but not more than the size of the bonus initially accrued.

1xBet Lucky Friday

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1xBet Lucky Friday: the instruction how to win back a bonus

To be able to clear the bonus, the game must end before midnight. Otherwise, the bonus will burn. Just in case, choose games in which time is running out.

You can bet on the result not of the whole game, but, for example, of some time. It remains to wait for the results and praise yourself for the right choice of teams and outcomes, or try yourself on another “Happy Friday”, replenishing the deposit again. The amount won (no more than the initial bonus amount) is automatically transferred to the main account in case of a win.

We give an example how to win back 1xBet black Friday offer. So, if your main account was replenished by 1490 $. 1490 $ also fell on the bonus. Make a bet from the bonus account. Total you need to bet on 4468 $.

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